Westview Spelling Bee Champion

Once again, in the initial school spelling bee, 8th graders Graham Daniel and Aidan Hansell tied with perfect scores.  They went on to a very difficult tie breaker. Graham Daniel won, with Aidan finishing in a close second missing one word more than Graham.  A wonderful effort by all involved!  Congratulations Graham on becoming our school champion once again. Congratulations to Aidan for the close competition. A big thank you to both of them for encouraging and supporting each other in true championship fashion.


Congratulations to the following students who represented their teams and grade levels in the school spelling bee:


6th graders:

Katelyn Buderus

Alexis Fehlberg

Avery Jackson

Dacen Wach


7th graders:

Kyler Cayko

Samuel Degen

Grant Gaddis

Andrew Miller


8th graders:

Caleb All

Graham Daniel

Aidan Hansell