Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Westview Student Handbook

To help support our mission and school focus, Westview Middle School will be a high achieving school that enhances the learning environment for all stakeholders by extending the walls of the classroom beyond the school, through the use of technology. This will enable our community to problem solve, collaborate, communicate, innovate and construct meaning through project-based learning in a digital and global society.

Learn more about our policies that help us achieve our mission, please review our student handbook. This document is designed to give information needed to have a successful school year. School rules are designed to create a school where all students can learn in a safe place.  Take advantage of all the opportunities that will be coming your way to be successful and well educated.  Remember Westview’s motto, “Expect the Best”.

St. Vrain Valley Schools Behavioral Code

Each year the District publishes a manual for students entitled, “Behavioral code of conduct and Board of Education Policies, Rights and Responsibilities of Students and Parents”.