Westview Robotics Wins Award

The Westview Robotics Program received the Superintendent's Excellence in Education Awardat the School Board meeting on June 12.  Superintendent Dr. Don Haddad presented the award to our coaches and competitors in recognition of their accomplishments. 

Westview Robotics had developed into the preeminate robotics program in the State of Colorado. Our teams competed in three high school tournaments and defeated all of the high school teams claiming tournament champion in each tournament. We once again this year were state champions and compted at the US Open (nationals) and the VEX World Championships. At the Vex World Chapionships we, claimed third place in Robot Skills, made it all the way to the semifinals, and won the Amaze Award. In addition to our competitive successes, Westview Robotics regularly involves more than 200 students in highly rigorous engineering challenges.

Congratulations to coaches Danny Hernandez, Gene Kath and all of our student competitors.