Educator Highlight: Dan Cribby

Stapp Inspires Educator Highlight: A Second Chance

Welcome back to Stapp Inspires Educator Highlight! This month we headed over to Westview Middle School to meet Dan Cribby. Currently, Dan is an eighth grade science teacher. He is in his ninth year at Westview. Before coming to Westview, he taught 14 years at Longs Peak Middle School.

As we begin our interview, a former student pops in to say hi and catch up. Dan asks if the girl’s basketball season was still going on, and if she was ready for track. After a few minutes she is on her way, and I ask if that was one of his eighth graders from last year. He smiles and says no and then explains that at Westview they employ a Student/Teacher Progression – meaning every three years his team starts out with a new group of sixth graders and they stay together for core classes (science, math, language arts and social studies) until they are finished with eighth grade. Dan explained how he really loved seeing the progression and watching his students grow throughout the years. So, next fall, Dan and his team will welcome a new group of students into their classrooms and journey with those kids throughout their middle school years.

With any level of teaching...

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