Boys Basketball

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Intramural Championship Monday, November 12 at 8:25 am


District 8th Grade Tournament Saturday, November 10.

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Mr. Tafel, Ms Ferrara, Mr. Kline, Mr. Mowry

The Westview Basketball program follows a SVVSD guideline that places a priority on high levels of student involvement.  This means that all students are welcome, and actively encouraged to participate.  There are no try-outs or cuts.

To this end we run two concurrent programs:  an "in-house" league (intramurals) and an 8th grade travel team (intermurals).

The "in-house" league is a tremendous thing to behold.  Routinely we'll have upwards of 150 or more boys participate from all grades 6 through 8.  From this pool, teams are formed with students selected from each grade.  Students may join with a partner from their grade, but the rest of the team is grouped by the coaches with a goal of making evenly talented squads.  There is an attempt to keep brothers on the same squad, and when possible, group kids who carpool together.  The 8th graders act as captains and coaches of their respective squad.  Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons in the school's two gyms.  Coaches don the stripes and officiate the games.  Game play follows specific district rules, and all players get equal playtime.  The focus of these games is on participation, skill development, sportsmanship and having fun.  Spectators fill our stands with an overwhelming spirit of good will towards the players and coaches/referees.  At the end of the season, a single elimantion tournament is held, and the top two teams compete in front of the student body in an all school assembly.

The 8th grade travel team follows a similar approach.  Any 8th grader wishing to play may join the travel team, regardless of experience or ability.  Practices happen before school and travel games happen on Wednesday afternoons with two addional games on the final Saturday of the season.  Two squads compete for the travel program: an A team and a B team formed of 10 players each.  Given that we generally have many more than twenty 8th graders who wish to play, the students will rotate through the squads, and not compete in every travel game.

Please feel free to contact the coaches with any questions.  They've been running this program for years (even decades) and would love to help make sure that your son is activly involved and having a good experience.

Also, please use the link at top of this letter for a game and practice schedule.