Westview Plains to the Park Excels!

Most of you know that Westview is a STEM school.  One of  Westview’s  STEM programs is called Plains to the Park.  Since 2014, this program has been collecting data about the animals that live in northern Colorado’s Front Range and how that is changing over time.

Plains to the Park also provides students with the opportunity to learn outside of the regular school environment. Field days can be during the two week summer STEM program, or weekends and breaks during the school year.

We share the data that we collect with our partners, Rocky Mountain National Park and the City of Longmont  ( Button Rock Preserve).  And, students get to enjoy day trips to the mountains, learning about ecological and environmental issues that present challenges to northern Colorado’s Front Range.

Photo ( from carousel) Westview students:  Finn Oetting, Julian Hansell, Stella Rulon, and Lia Oldroyd explain Plains to the Park to members of the scientific community at the Biennial Rocky Mountain National Park Research Conference, which took place just 2 days before the covid-19 quarantine went into effect last March.  

Use this link see Plains to the Park’s most recent video -  Animal Highlights from 2019.