Westview Middle School - The School of Choice

If you missed the 12/16 deadline it is not too late. You can apply for open enrollment and your application will be accepted. You will be placed on a wait list in the order your application is received. All families that applied for open enrollment prior to December 17 have until January 31 to accept open enrollment for their school of choice. After this deadline, your application will be considered. I anticipate that I will be able to approve a few applications at this time. We will accept as many applications as possible to allow familes to join our Westview community. So if you are considering Westview Middle School for your child I encourage you to apply. Better yet, give us a call and I will personally show you around our amazing school. 

Mark Spencer - Principal 

Open Enrollment in SVVSD 

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Why does Westview Middle School consistently receive the largest number of open enrollment applications in St. Vrain? Perhaps it is our long track record of academic excellence. Maybe it is the unmatched additional learning opportunities for students. Of course it could be because their friends and neighbors have students who have thrived and excelled at Westview. Whatever the reason, Westview does consistently receive the largest number of open enrollment applications year in and year out. Westview is THE school of choice in St. Vrain! 

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Westview Middle School - School to Watch 

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Finally, we would like to invite you to come to Westview to see for yourself.  Just call 303 772- 3134 to schedule a private tour with Mr. Spencer the Principal. 

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