District 8th Grade Volleyball Tournament Sat. 9/29

Hi, 8th Graders!!

Tournament information is posted in RESOURCES!  Thanks for your patience.  

1. All Atheletes need to be at your school site by 7:30.  We will all be there 30 minutes before the first match (8:00) even if you aren't playing.
2. There will be tables for each team in designated area for players and coaches to place their belongings. We ask that you keep your area clean and make sure that you have your belongings when you leave. 
3. The fee for parents is $3 and for students (k-12) is $2. Seniors (60+) and children under 5 are free. Please make sure that this is relayed to parents. There will also be concessions for sale throughout the day.
4. We think warm-ups for the first match will be 4-4-2. After that, we will move to a 3-3-1 to move the day along.
5.  Remember:  you will be turning in your jersey at the end of the tournament to your coaches, so bring an extra shirt.  
6.  Bring water and healthy snacks.  
Bump, Set, Spike!  -- Coaches

To view the update, click the link below:

Click here for sites and schedules for the District Tournament on Saturday (9/28)