Westview Robotics competing at Nationals.

Westview Robotics is being represented by four teams competing at the 2017 VEX Robotics US Open Robotics Championships in Council Bluffs Iowa. Competition is April 7 and 8. 

Julia Wilson
Sam Ruffing
Logan Reichert
6047K Starstrikers
Tomy Sabalo
Kyle Taylor
Elias Ogden
Garrett Cook
6047S Supernova
Kaia Wing
Ashlyn Evans
Sierra Bindseil
Bridget Tillery
Olive Graves Smith
6047X 4D Cropdusters 
Sam Shipman
Toby Stewart
Alek Matyjewicz 
Keegan Patterson 
You can watch a live stream by following this link:   http://www.create-found.org/Webcast.php  

For updates and information follow this link:  https://schoology.svvsd.org/group/1010725560/update/1029165426