Student Town Hall Meeting with local legislators

On January 8, all Westview 8th graders had the opportunity to participate in a town hall meeting with Colorado General Assembly representatives Mike Foote and Jonathan Singer. The event started as a question from a group of our students to their teachers. These students worked with their teachers to contact the legislators and put together the meeting. All 8th grade students learned about our legislative branch here in Colorado and  formulated questions for their representatives. Along the way they learned about a variety of topics including gerrymandering, education funding, universal health care, and affordable housing.


At the Town Hall meeting, a number of students posed many thoughtful questions for their legislators.  Towards the end of the event students had the opportunity to pose a number of additional questions for their elected officials. The students all presented themselves in a thoroughly professional manner, and asked great questions. Students, teachers, and legislators all enjoyed a very exciting and thought provoking afternoon.